Our philosophy

we're in it with you

As a group of former senior executives in companies that dominated their respective business sectors, we are intimately familiar with the false promise of "transformation" and "innovation" and deeply suspicious of consulting companies that claim special expertise in them.

In contrast, each of us at pwinter&co has lived through the risk and upheaval that characterizes genuine and enduring transformation, when careers can be put in jeopardy, operational effectiveness threatened, cultural stability challenged, new competition unleashed and customer relationships undermined. We know why 70% of business transformation efforts crash and burn, so you will find no false consulting promises here.

What you will find instead is direct talk, a set of proven techniques and processes, practical experience in the tricky business of innovation and long term, committed ownership of the objective. That last point is the important one. Regeneration is always turbulent. To endure that discomfort requires a mutual commitment between client and consultant to the measurable performance improvement objectives the project aims to achieve.

Finally, we're picky. We turn down more assignments than we take on. First, what we do and how we go about it demands full-on commitment - we need to be careful how we manage our time. Second, we don't actually need the work. We're in this because we like to work together, we find our work endlessly interesting and because we think we still have something to offer. It's that simple!

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